SNIP'N'CLIP The Premier Grooming Salon -
15 Catoctin Circle,SE suite C, Leesburg,VA. 571-291-3065
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*Nationally Certificated  Master Groomer's
       * Dog & Cat Bathing
       * Trimming and or Grinding of Nails
       * Ear Plucking and Ear Cleaning
       * Grooming- Haircuts-Hand Scissoring
       * De-shedding of Coats
       * Hydro Surge Bathing/Spa System
       *Offering Therapeutic baths
       *Forced Air Blowers
       *Lots of TLC
DID YOU KNOW: We can prevent most dogs from shedding. Come in or call an ask us about our shedless process! With the right tools and shampoos it can be done!
We groom everything from Chihuahuas to Cats.Yes we said cats! We specialize in all breeds: Terriers, non sporting breeds, sporting breeds, herding breeds, the hound breeds and of course the lovable toy breeds. We love doing your lovable mixed breeds too!                       
Please come in and see our newly designed salon. We offer great services, a safe environment and grooming at a fair price. 
 If you have any questions regarding our services please call us we'd love to hear from you. The best times to call us are 8-9:30, 12-1:30 or after 4pm. These are times when we have a few extra minutes to chat. If you get our voice mail please feel free to leave a detailed message with your name and number and we will return your call . If we don't answer that just means we are busy bathing and grooming that time.
Do you like to see those cute, cuddly eyes of your companion? Call for an appointment for a quick clearing of your dogs eyes.
Mai my kitty
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